Lady Inspectress Margaret Saxby


The Flint branch is run by Lady Inspectress Margaret Saxby, a former superstar investigator who cracked many famous cases, became the darling of the public, and earned herself a knighthood. During the Fourth Yerasol War she married a young nobleman, acquiring clout among aristocratic circles. When the then-director of Flint’s branch of the RHC lost favor in a scandal, she easily won the appointment to take his place.

Lady Saxby leads her branch with incisive intelligence and an experienced intuition for determining which of her constables should pursue which threats. On the other hand, some complain that her confidence borders on megalomania. On several occasions underlings who have become a bit too popular for her liking have received transfers to less prestigious postings.

While she now nears fifty, Lady Saxby remains quite fit and retains much of youthful beauty. She demands authority wherever she goes, and uses many subtle reminders to let people know who is boss. For example, there is only one (expensive, comfortable) chair in her office: hers.

Lady Inspectress Margaret Saxby

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