A meeting at RHC Headquarters

Spring in the year 501, RHC Headquarters…

You are quickly ushered into the exquisitely ornate office of Lady Inspectress Margaret Saxby and, after waiting a minute or two as the Inspectress shuffles some papers around, are told to be at ease.

“As you are all aware, I’m sure, this city is about to be the center of a great celebration. King Aodhan is coming to christen Risur’s first steam warship, the R.N.S Coaltongue.”

The Inspectress gestures to a corner of her office where a magnificent painting is resting on an easel.


The Inspectress gazes at each one of you in turn, seemingly taking your measure before continuing, “It has been decided that your squad, as new as it may be, will be in charge of security for this celebration.”

“Assistant Chief Inspector Stover Delft will be in command of your squad. Please follow his commands….”, the Inspectress pauses and eyes a striking female elf up and down, “…especially you, Wayfinder. Your exploits in the war are as legendary as your penchant for getting into mischief.”

The Inspectress picks up a sheaf of papers and begins going through them as she speaks one last time, “You have two weeks before the celebration. I expect nothing but the best from you during this mission. The eyes of the King, and the nation, are upon you. There is a folder for each of you by the door. Dismissed.”

You find two documents inside the folder;





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