Confrontation at the Docks

The new squad in action

From the Journal of Inspector Delft

It is not often that the RHC sees such an influx of talented individuals in such a short amount of time. Perhaps the spirits of old have foreseen something and have made sure that Risur is prepared for whatever may happen. Whatever brought them to us, I am thankful. Especially after I have personally witnessed their endeavors over the past few weeks as they prepared for King Aodhan’s arrival and the launch party for the RNS Coaltongue.

Some observations;

The tiefling female, Neoyoshi Kaligawa, is somewhat soft-spoken and seems to prefer going unnoticed. Not unusual for a tiefling in Risur as many of her race comprise the armed forces of our rival nation, Danor. Nevertheless, their is a quiet air of confidence in all her actions and it is very obvious from her fluid grace that she would be a fearsome opponent when swords clash. A fondness for coffee has our chefs constantly rushing out to purchase more. Also, strangely enough, Neoyoshi always seems to have a herd of cats following her. Not that most of us mind as our headquarters have never been freer of rodents!

The human fighter, Darkkon, is somewhat of a man of mystery. He has not spoken much or given any of the staff much insight into his personality, but his work ethic is beyond reproach and his skills with his dual swords are more than evident. His sparring partners report that none of them have been able to best him in single, or often two-on-one, combat.

The half-elf druid, Elinora, is a child of Flint’s streets. Her web of contacts and allies amongst the working-class and, especially, Dockers is almost more far-ranging than that of the RHC. Unassuming in dress and appearance she can meld in anywhere and the information she can garner will be a boon on any mission she partakes in. Her grasp of the powers of nature makes her a dual-sided threat, at ease in the back alleys of Flint and the jungles of Risur.

The elven ranger, Alhana Wayfinder, is well-known to many. Her exploits in the last war as a member of the 3rd Royal Pathfinder Company are retold in many places. Of particular interest was her successful solo mission to capture the Danor General, Arimethrius. Posing as a high-class “escort” she made her way into an enemy encampment, gained entry to the General’s quarters and then, somehow, made her way with her captive through hundreds of enemy soldiers. Such skills made her recruitment into the RHC a top priority.

Lastly, the half elven warlock, Bacchuss. I must admit that this one makes me shudder at times, and it’s just not from the scent of sharp cheese that wafts from him. When he looks at you it’s always with a piercing, discerning gaze that makes you feel as if he were weighing and measuring your soul. You feel as if your deepest secrets were being laid bare and being considered for some unknown purpose. His skills are without question, yet…yet…he is not someone I would like to be alone with in a dark alley late at night.

As I stated earlier their efforts the past few weeks have been exemplary. They spent untold hours planning security for the celebration. They worked hand-in-hand with the Flint Police and even dealt admirably with the royal bureaucrats that buzz around endlessly whenever the King is involved.

They day of the event was a beautiful, spring day and the square by the bridge leading to the docks filled up quickly as many of Flint’s citizens hope to be chosen as one of the 700 who would greet the King and the other guests. The constables had each chosen a position around the square that would give them a good view of the crowd and allow them to quickly get to any trouble if it started.

There were four groups in particular that the constables feared might cause trouble during the event; the Dockers, the Primalists, followers of Gale, and veterans of the last two wars. Each group had a bone to pick with either the King or the city of Flint itself.

The constables quickly figured out what members of each group might look, and act, like. Focusing their efforts the five members of the squad were able to pick out around twenty people who looked like they might cause trouble. Of interest, Neoyoshi had an encounter with what I believe were members of the Sewer Rats. He handled the situation very well and, perhaps, made some useful contacts for the future.

While Bacchuss handled the main part of the interrogation, Elinora, who was cleverly disguised as a Docker, helped to whittle down the list of suspects to a group of Dockers who had been loudly voicing their displeasure in taverns in the days leading up to the celebration.

Bacchuss adroitly made use of the information from Elinora and was able to wrangle a confession from one of the Dockers. The piercing gaze and menacing tone of Bacchuss made the spindly, little Docker wet his pants as he quickly gave up himself and his comrades!

At the same time, Alhana had a discussion with a veteran of the last Yerasol war. The veteran was somewhat upset at having his loyalty to Risur questioned, but was quickly mollified by the silken tones of the Ranger. She even garnered a promise from him to report any suspicious activities that he saw, or heard of.

Unfortunately, the squad learned that they had only found three of the four malcontents. Quickly splitting up and re-scanning the crowd that was now beginning to form up and cross over the bridge the squad was able to quickly find the fourth Docker. Unfortunately, he was to far away from the majority of the squad, but Darkkon, who had just come back from a fruitless search of a side alley, spotted the miscreant and with an almost unnatural agility tackled him to the ground and subdued him.

With their first action under their belts, the squad turned to the rest of the evening’s activities, hoping that it would be less exciting…



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